La Femme

Art Direction & Graphic design project

Art Direction of a world tour of the musical group La Femme. The objectives of the proposal are to sell all tickets, promote the sale of their albums, raise the cache and gain more fame by incorporating the target audience. La Femme, as a collective of artists, do not have a static imagery and spontaneity is its main characteristic. After determining the work in progress, the exquisite corpse and the artistic expression, as its strongest pillars, we define as the main concept for the tour the «illusory Chaos». Its most remarkable characteristics that coexist within this illusory chaos are: the need for expression, the condition of artistic collective with alliances and continuous progress. We propose a malleable structure where public and artists are comfortable and at the same level. With this system we seek to cause «accidents» that help to further enrich your musical and visual universe, helping to create your new musical CD.

Client: La Femme

Place: Barcelona / Spain, Paris / France

Art Direction: Andrea Méndez, 

Manuela Reyes, Lina Sofía Córdoba, Aina Planells 

Graphic Design: Andrea Méndez